San Leandro Coworking

San Leandro Coworking logoSan Leandro Coworking was a high-tech coworking space in a historically low-tech city that is being transformed by a new fiber optic infrastructure. The coworking space had a gigabit Internet connection to several comfortable desks and meeting spaces that served temporary home to people who relied on good network connectivity for video conferencing, fast file uploads and downloads, and great service. The coworking experiment came to a close a little while ago.

San Leandro Coworking printed these Gwenn Seemel greeting cards that are offered on our site.

Gwenn Seemel blank greeting cards (eagle, wolf, bear)

Artwork by Gwenn Seemel.

A significant portion of all sales (90% of net proceeds) goes to our local animal shelters (SPCA or Humane Society), wildlife centers, or to Planned Parenthood, as you choose.