Gwenn Seemel, Portrait Artist

Gwenn standing in front of her muralWe love Gwenn Seemel and her colorful portraits.

First American (Native American, Christine), 2008

First American

Sympathetic magic (Be a good role model)

Sympathetic magic

Seeing with your heart, 2011

Seeing with your heart

Reading together, 2017

Reading together

Man and his cat

The Daisy Dance


Warrior (Purple-throated mountaingem hummingbird)

Double portraits: White bread (Evelyn fitting in) and The activist (Evelyn standing out)

From Empathetic Magic: White bread (Evelyn fitting in) and The activist (Evelyn standing out)

We especially love her book Crime Against Nature. A little about this book from Gwenn:

What do single moms, stay-at-home dads, professionals who happen to be women, men who like to dress colorfully, infertile people, and homosexuals have in common? They’re often viewed by society as sad, bad, and even a little suspicious.

Those judgments all stem originally from one idea: that females are naturally passive and more caring, and males are naturally aggressive and more intelligent. It’s an idea that is deeply embedded in our social system and dictates much of our behavior. It’s also an idea that has nothing to do with what is actually going on in nature.

Crime Against Nature, both as a book and as a series of paintings, exposes the true diversity of natural behaviors.

We used three of her pieces to create a series of blank greeting cards for you.

Gwenn Seemel blank greeting cards (eagle, wolf, bear)