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San Leandro Coworking was a high-tech coworking space in a historically low-tech city that is being transformed by a new fiber optic infrastructure. The coworking space had a gigabit Internet connection to several comfortable desks and meeting spaces that served temporary home to people who relied on good network connectivity […]

San Leandro Coworking

We love Gwenn Seemel and her colorful portraits. We especially love her book Crime Against Nature. A little about this book from Gwenn: What do single moms, stay-at-home dads, professionals who happen to be women, men who like to dress colorfully, infertile people, and homosexuals have in common? They’re often […]

Gwenn Seemel, Portrait Artist

dragonfly hanging on
Randall “Sylvan” Rife was the photographer and chief light bender at Spectrallusion Creations. He started his light bending journey by refracting sunlight after attending his first Grateful Dead concert in the early ’70s. His tale continued from there: I absolutely loved the visuals I saw in the psychedelic light show  and wanted a […]

Sylvan Rife, Spectrallusion Creations